photoshoot with the robinsons

A week or so ago, I went back home for a photoshoot with 3 of the cutest kids I know – my nephews and niece. It was my first time shooting children, which made for an exciting day. The wind was incredible that day, but we luckily had the sun to keep us warm! I have tons of amazing pictures, but here’s a look at the day!


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monthly dinner club: grand lux cafe

The continuation of the ladies’ monthly dinner club…. Next up? ME. (this is 2 weeks late… whoops!)

Grand Lux Cafe

600 N Michigan Ave,  Chicago, IL  60611
(312) 276-2500

Located on the Mag Mile, the Grand Lux has an extensive menu that will suit almost any appetite.

Grand Lux is located on the second floor above Ann Taylor Loft (or what was ATL). The entrance is quite grand. Once you take the escalator upstairs, it’s a bit shocking to see just how big this place is. The views are spectacular, especially when the Christmas lights are still on the trees :) The lighting was dim and romantic-like. Dress was definitely casual to business casual.

The service was phenomenal! Our server was Sarah and on my goodness she was hilarious! Though I gave up sweets and desserts for Lent, she was mighty convincing on her sell of their delish homemade in-house desserts. She was INCREDIBLY knowledge and gave great advice on the menu.

I started off with a nice glass of wine – Beringer White Zinfandel. Sarah brought over bread for the table. It was delish, just wish it was served with cheese and oil :) Instead, it was with butter which was still good.

For my entree, I ordered the Pasta with Grilled Chicken, Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella. It was very good and incredibly filling. Their plate portions are HUGE so definitely get what you pay for. As for everyone else at the table, they were all happy with their meals – a range from salmon to flat bread sandwich to tofu.

Dessert time – I did not order anything (per my comment above) but they were on the table for me to smell and drool over. The Peach Cobbler seriously smelled and looked out of this world. You have to order that at the same time you place your order for your entree because it takes so long to make. Lisa got the Molten Chocolate Cake, which has a ooy-gooy center. YUM!

I really liked this place. I didn’t realize until our dinner that this is a chain-like restaurant. They certainly don’t treat you like chain restaurants do. The food was great, and boy was there a massive selection for literally everyone. The location was my favorite part <3 Definitely try it the next time you’re out shopping on the mag mile!

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philly recap

I made it back from my trip to Philly. I spent 4 whole days there, which honestly seemed to be a bit too long. The day we landed, Jake and I went immediately sight seeing to the historic district. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed), Ben Franklin’s grave, and the famous steps that Rocky Balboa ran up. After 1.5 days, we found ourselves bored with the city.

{ liberty bell, obvi }

{ room where declaration of independence was signed and where maaaany past presidents have stood }

{ think of how many historic figures walked this path and touched these rails – corny i know :) }

{ yes i was weird and took pictures of children that i don’t know, but it’s cute }

{ benjamin franklin’s grave: 1706 – 1790 }

While we were there, I got my hair did at a local hair salon called Luna Salon – seriously so great. I totally fell in love with my girl. I wish she lived in Chicago! Other than that, we met friends that were in town for the same conference at a few different pubs (Fin McCool’s and McGillin’s Olde Ale House – oldest pub in Philly). We also hit up a casino that’s right on the river that separates PA and Jersey. The damn casino stole so much of our money :( Normally we walk away even or up, but never with a big loss. Totes left us drinking waters later when we went out to the bar :)

{ my fave slot machine that took the majority of our money }

Overall, we had tons of fun but I did honestly get a little bored. GRANTED we had no car so we tried to stay as close to Center City as possible. Thanks to everyone for their advice on where to go and what to eat!

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off to philly

Ah, today is my last day of work for the week then I’ll be taking off for a mini vacation to Philadelphia! Jake has a conference for work there where they’re paying for his flight and hotel, so I decided to tag along for a free trip :) PLUS neither of us have been to Philly before! I’m kinda really excited to just get away and be somewhere new that isn’t LA. Looked at the weather and it’ll be in the high 50’s :) YAY!

{ via }

Jake and I have been looking for things to do, seeing he’s only going to be at the conference for a couple of hours each day. OF COURSE, the 4 days we’re there…. there are ZERO basketball games (all-star break) and ZERO hockey games (all out of town). We’ll of course explore the city a bit, but doesn’t anyone have any recos as to “must-dos” in Philly??

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first photo session

As some of my followers know, I just bought a new amazing dSLR a few weeks back but haven’t really had the chance to use it how I want. This past weekend, my hubby was kind enough to be my model so I could practice a bit with my new camera :) We wondered across the street to Ohio Street Beach, then to the park nearby, then to Navy Pier. Here’s some of the work that came out of that session. Let me know what you think!

{ my fave! }


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