a lesson for the guys

Fellas, listen up.

I always hear from guys how girls are so hard to figure out. Erroneous.

Girls just want to feel needed, wanted, and desired. Sure when you first start in your relationship things are new and exciting. But after you’re together for a long time and know just about everything about a person, it’s important to continue to show the girl you care (same applies for you girls reading too). Don’t assume. Once you begin to assume is when the romance will start to fade.

We don’t need expensive jewelery (though we’ll accept it gladly). We don’t need fancy dinners, or shopping sprees, or even flowers all the time. We just want to know that you still love us. Here’s an example of what my husband did for me this morning that meant the world.

{ found on bathroom counter when I woke up }

{ after i was already smiling, i found this one in the bathroom cabinet }

This, to me, is romantic. It cost $0 but meant so much <3

Guys – you can thank me later.

Until next time
<3 jenna




adios ozzie

And so a sad day falls for us southsiders as we say goodbye to our beloved Ozzie Guillen. Unfortunately he has been traded to the Florida Marlins.

Although Ozzie has created much controversy with umpires, players, and opposing teams alike, the man is still a legend. In his 8 seasons with us, Ozzie has led us to 2 ALC titles and a World Series Championship!

{ via }

He has been a great asset and a true entertainer. We’ll all miss our dirty mouth talking Venezuelan. Good luck to Ozzie!!

Until next time
<3 jenna




canon or nikon?

Yes this is one of the most debated topics in photography. Which is better – Canon or Nikon? I LOVE photography and am always reading up about it. Trust me, I’ve read a million blogs and reviews on this. There is no clear cut answer. These two brands are in a constant back and forth leap frogging to the front-runner. One year Canon might have the best camera out with the latest technology. The next year Nikon will come out with a competitive new product that tops the Canon. Canon will then come back… and so the leap frogging continues.

Some people are die-hard Canon fans. They believe that Canon has the best most versatile lenses, easiest to use, and is offered at a less expensive price.

Others are die-hard Nikon fans.

My question is for all you photographers. I really want to get more serious about photography. It’s been an incredible passion of mine for a long long time. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, but never thought it was a realistic dream. Today, I see so many people pursuing that avenue that I feel I at least owe it to myself to give it a shot! I’ve always had a creative soul <3

That being said, what’s the best brand to go with – Canon or Nikon? I understand that specific Canon bodies will triumph over Nikon¬† bodies and vice versa and I also understand that choosing a camera is about how it feels, but what is the best overall brand taking lenses into consideration? I have someone willing to sell me an amazing Nikon at a great price, however once you buy a body you essentially commit to that brand for lenses, etc.

I currently have a Canon S90 point-and-shoot that is considered the best point-and-shoot around for professionals to use when they don’t want to bring along the dslr. I brought it a few years back when it was a pretty penny for a fresh college grad. Now it’s time to upgrade and get a second camera :)

Let me know your honest thoughts!

Until next time
<3 jenna

framed flowers

This is my new project that I can’t wait to start!! I don’t know if I should do it for the fall or wait for spring. How stinkin’ cute is this?? I think I’ll start by hitting local garage sales now to find a sweet wooden frame. The vases can be purchases at a number of places. I think I’m going to use these.

{ framed flowers }

Until next time
<3 jenna