canon or nikon?

Yes this is one of the most debated topics in photography. Which is better – Canon or Nikon? I LOVE photography and am always reading up about it. Trust me, I’ve read a million blogs and reviews on this. There is no clear cut answer. These two brands are in a constant back and forth leap frogging to the front-runner. One year Canon might have the best camera out with the latest technology. The next year Nikon will come out with a competitive new product that tops the Canon. Canon will then come back… and so the leap frogging continues.

Some people are die-hard Canon fans. They believe that Canon has the best most versatile lenses, easiest to use, and is offered at a less expensive price.

Others are die-hard Nikon fans.

My question is for all you photographers. I really want to get more serious about photography. It’s been an incredible passion of mine for a long long time. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, but never thought it was a realistic dream. Today, I see so many people pursuing that avenue that I feel I at least owe it to myself to give it a shot! I’ve always had a creative soul <3

That being said, what’s the best brand to go with – Canon or Nikon? I understand that specific Canon bodies will triumph over Nikon  bodies and vice versa and I also understand that choosing a camera is about how it feels, but what is the best overall brand taking lenses into consideration? I have someone willing to sell me an amazing Nikon at a great price, however once you buy a body you essentially commit to that brand for lenses, etc.

I currently have a Canon S90 point-and-shoot that is considered the best point-and-shoot around for professionals to use when they don’t want to bring along the dslr. I brought it a few years back when it was a pretty penny for a fresh college grad. Now it’s time to upgrade and get a second camera :)

Let me know your honest thoughts!

Until next time
<3 jenna


8 thoughts on “canon or nikon?

  1. I shoot Canon, but that’s purely down to my familiarity with their film cameras going back many years. As you say, once you buy into a lens system, you will probably stick with it.

    I have friends with Nikons. I think that as long as you go with either Canon or Nikon, you can’t go wrong – they are both excellent.

    Having said that, I think Canon may have the edge in lenses – they seem to have a wider range.

    See if you can borrow one of each from a generous friend or two. See which feels more natural to shoot with.

  2. Jenna, as you said both companies go back & forth on who does what best. I think there are two things you need to consider when getting your dslr. The first is which feels better in your hand. Go to the camera store and hold the various camera’s you are thinking of and see which one feels better. If the camera doesn’t feel good in your hand you won’t use it. The second is if you have friends who have one brand or the other. That way you can borrow lens, gear and such. The first point is the bigger one though in my book. Full disclosure-I am a Nikon shooter.

  3. Thanks, guys! I think I may go into a camera store and try shooting with each. I’ve shot with both before and never really noticed a difference. Then again, the cameras I was shooting with weren’t nearly to the scale of what I’m looking to deal with now.

    Appreciate the advice :)

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