a lesson for the guys

Fellas, listen up.

I always hear from guys how girls are so hard to figure out. Erroneous.

Girls just want to feel needed, wanted, and desired. Sure when you first start in your relationship things are new and exciting. But after you’re together for a long time and know just about everything about a person, it’s important to continue to show the girl you care (same applies for you girls reading too). Don’t assume. Once you begin to assume is when the romance will start to fade.

We don’t need expensive jewelery (though we’ll accept it gladly). We don’t need fancy dinners, or shopping sprees, or even flowers all the time. We just want to know that you still love us. Here’s an example of what my husband did for me this morning that meant the world.

{ found on bathroom counter when I woke up }

{ after i was already smiling, i found this one in the bathroom cabinet }

This, to me, is romantic. It cost $0 but meant so much <3

Guys – you can thank me later.

Until next time
<3 jenna




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