obsession of the moment: october

Yes, if you’re a regular reader you know that I’m obsessed with October and the fall season. With it finally being October, I can officially wear my boots now and jackets and stylist scarves. Yes, I refused to wear a jacket or any of the aforementioned because I didn’t think it was really fall. Yes, that means for those of you in Chicago that I stood at my bus stop shivering waiting for the bus as a cold breeze hit me holding my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to my arm to keep me warm. Yes, I’m ridiculous.

I had a little fun at Bath & Body Works when I was home last weekend. I bought all fall scents :) I’ve been wanting to so bad since August when I got my first eblast. BUT per what I said above, I haven’t been able to use any of these yet. I now have cracked them out and couldn’t be happier :)

{ fall scents from bath & body works }

Holy cow. Side note, just saw on their website that they have our their Christmas scents. Holy Jesus, let’s slow down a bit :)

I LOOOOOVE their candles. They burn so well and smell sooooo good! Originally they’re $20 each, but I never buy them at full price. Quite often they’ll have a 2 for $20 sale, which is my fave sale. I also purchased a few anti-bacterial hand soaps, which smell AWESOME. Bath & Body seriously has the cutest ideas for making their products look nicer. See the metal wrap around the center hand soap? They make those for everything, including candles. It makes everything extra stylist :)

Oh, and the concentrated home spray is awesome. The Autumn scent smells amazing. Just a small spirtz here and there and your home smells lovely <3

Happy shopping!

Until next time
<3 jenna


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