new projects to come

When I was home the other weekend, I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to buy some fabric. I have a number of projects that I want to do :)

Project #1 is making my own napkins for our dining table. I keep looking around for the right colors and right design, but everything is so expensive. On Etsy, the ones (like these) I want are $30 for 4 napkins. I have a 6 person dining set, which means it’d be $60. I picked up these two fabrics to create two sets :) Only cost me $15 :)

{ fabric from joann fabrics }

I don’t have a sewing machine, but Jake’s mom does. I’ll post pics soon once the project gets underway :)

Project #2 is creating a headboard for our bed. It’s super simple (see instructions here), just need to find the right fabric and find a place big enough to do it.

Project #3 is making pillows. We have some now (furry brown ones), but I really want ones with fun fabrics. I had actually went out and found fabric, but didn’t fully realize the cost to make your own. Definitely pricier than you think, especially because I want to make big and small pillows. Probably something I’ll save for later :)

Project #4 is my gallery wall. I want to hang a bunch of frames in our hallway, but I’ve been waiting on getting our wedding pictures from our photographer, as well as a canvas print. Once I get that, I can actually do something :) Until then, the frames shall sit in my hall against the wall.

There are tons other projects, BUT I should just start with one at a time.

Until next time
<3 jenna


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