christmas time?

Hard to believe, but Christmas season is here. Typically I don’t start celebrating the Christmas holiday until Thanksgiving night. Traditionally, my family puts up our tree Thanksgiving night with Christmas music blaring throughout. The following day is Black Friday, which is the ultimate season kick-off.

This year, however, Christmas season has come a little sooner. Typically retailers start putting their ads out in the papers and through eblasts right as November 1st hits. That’s also when Christmas radio stations hit the air. Now I’m used to hearing some Christmas music before Thanksgiving. My mom is quite the lover of Christmas music. She loves to blast her Josh Groban or Celine Dion Christmas CDs all through the house.

This year it’s a bit more intense. With being married this summer, this is the first Christmas season that my husband and I have ever lived together. We’ve been together 6+ years so I was well aware of his love for the season, but wasn’t fully prepared for the full spectrum of his holiday joy. Yesterday (November 1st), Jake woke me up at 6am (still dark) singing and dancing to N’Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” exclaiming how excited he was that Christmas season is here.

Later that day I started thinking about Black Friday. Neither of us had a good Christmas tree, so I knew that was a hot priority on our list to get. I sent him a few links of a couple of artificial trees. Jake, in his excitement, insisted that we go buy one that day. He picked me up from work and we went off to Home Depot and bought the prettiest most real looking 8″ Christmas tree. This is what ended up happening when we got home…

It has LED lights and should last us a minimum of 11 years. The bulbs are really pretty too. Not your standard bulbs. They’re about 2-3 times the size and crystallized like these…

{ via }

Jake has always put his tree up as soon as November hits. As I mentioned before, my family’s tradition is to put it up Thanksgiving night. Jake and I came to a compromise. We can put the tree up as early as he’d like, BUT we will NOT decorate it until Thanksgiving night the earliest :) That way we both win. I’m pretty sure all the condos around us and hotels are looking at us and think we’re crazy. At first I thought it was crazy, but hey… Christmas is an amazing season. Why not make it last longer? It already flies by so fast :)

Until next time
<3 jenna


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