diy project: serving tray

While in my hometown for Thanksgiving, I FINALLY conquered one of my projects I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER – creating a DIY serving tray. Here’s my $6 tray before… It looked super cheap and unattractive.

Initially I hoped to find tons of colorful mosaic tiles to smash up for this. The design was similar to this but more colorful…

{ via }

After scouring the home improvement stores, I came to realize that I would have to go to a specialty store because Lowe’s doesn’t carry anything colorful. I didn’t have the time or patience, so I took a new direction. Instead I bought backsplash tiles that are matted together.

Not as colorful as I hoped, but I love it now! It has a mix of different colored glass tiles and then stone tiles. So pretty and classy!

I decided to stain the wood a dark brown to match the rest of our furniture. I used Rust-Oleum’s wood stain. Turned out a little darker, but provides a nice contrast.

{ via }

After staining it Wednesday afternoon, I let it sit overnight. Thanksgiving morning once I was sure it was dry, I applied the cement then the tile, then finished with grouting it. The biggest challenge with this project was the grouting. Typically you use grout on flat surfaces with no edges to work with. I kept running into my finished wood and getting grout all over it. It was a constant grout, then wipe clean, more grout, wipe more off, back and forth all day. Then wiping off the grout and cleaning the tiles was another thing :) I ended up having to touch up the wood again because the stain had worn away from all my wiping. Once all was said and done, this was my finished product :) ….

Love it <3 It looks great on our couch ottoman!

One project down, a million more to go!

Until next time
<3 jenna


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