i confess

I think I have a problem. I think I may need help.

I’m insanely and overly obsessed with photography. I think some may call me addicted. It’s all I think about at work, and at home, or when I’m shopping. When I make dinner, or when I’m in the shower. It’s taking over!! On Pinterest I go crazy. I have found so many amazing photographers through there and spend all day looking through their work.

As I’ve mention in a previous post awhile back, I ideally want to start up my own business in photography. I know, everyone’s doing it right? It’s been a passion of mine for such a long time. To NOT give it a try would be a waste of a beautiful dream.

I have been doing so much preparing. I have been known to research the crap out of something. Let’s just say photography is no different. I have talked with photographers and researched online via blogs, photog forums, tutorials, etc. trying to teach myself everything there is I can about cameras, shooting, advice, etc.

I’ve already designed and developed all of my branding materials :) Logos, business cards, merchandise tags, packaging, etc. All ready. Just have to send to the printer. I have both my website and my blog picked out. I have designed the templates for each of those. I have the perfect music to go on the sites. I have my content already written.

I’ve picked out my amazing camera bag and am going to buy that soon.

I’ve even begun to concept designs for a future studio.

I’ve taught myself so many things in Photoshop as they relate to retouching (DISCLAIMER: I know it’s most important to take a great picture than to try to make it great with Photoshop). I’ve purchased so many actions and textures that take a photo from good to WOW. I figured out how to do skin and make-up retouching like a pro.

All that’s left? Buy my damn camera. I had planned to buy it on Black Friday back in November. Then I decided to wait for my Christmas bonus, which will cover the camera. Then I decided to wait until after Christmas to see if any bigger sales would be going on. NOW? Now I’m trying to decide if it’s a good time to throw down that much money. I hope to have my camera by the end of January! This will hopefully give me enough time to really bury myself in the camera and learn most everything. THEN it’s just a matter of practicing and building my portfolio.

AHH I’M SO OBSESSED! Take a look at some amazing photos that are so inspiring. All pics were taken from Pinterest.

Until next time
<3 jenna


8 thoughts on “i confess

  1. getting a ‘nice’ camera is expensive – but so worth it, especially if you think you want to make a career out of it. what kind are you getting? (also – i love actions too!) if you are looking to build your portfolio and need some practice – keep in mind i could always use a maternity shoot and the a newborn shoot :) good luck and how exciting!!

  2. Kris – I wish these were mine! I stumbled across blogs from different photographers. The pictures I posted are my inspiration :)

    Justine – YESSS!! I’ve been putting together a list of who I can shoot for the different areas so I can start building! You’re preggo so you’re perf :) I’m definitely going to shoot you!!! How far along are you now slash when are you due? Oh, and I’m getting a Nikon.

    • Great! I’m about 18 weeks now, and due June 15. So I would think a shoot would take place sometime in May?? Not sure when they typically happen. Anyway, keep in touch about it if you would like!

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