bought my camera!!… finally

After months of research and comparison… and reading blog after blog…. and review after review… and going into store after store to test them out for hours on end…

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally ordered my dSLR camera!!!!

Literally HOURS upon HOURS went into this decision. I first posted back in September HERE trying to determine which brand to go with. I was completely torn because the two main cameras I was looking at were each considered the best of their brand. What one camera would have the advantage in… so too would the other brand have a different advantage. My decision came down to how it felt and using psychology tips from my husband. As corny as it sounds, he had me close my eyes and picture myself out on a beautiful day getting ready to shoot a kids session. Then reaching into my bag to grab out my camera, what was the one I saw? Yea it didn’t work perfectly because I saw both cameras in there :) BUT it totally helped. I had to keep visualizing which would be the best for me.

The winner??

That’s right, I decided to go Canon. I can’t begin to describe how tough it was to decide. I had been researching the Nikon for 6+ months and can literally tell you every single geeked out piece of info you could ever want. Because of the time I spent looking at it, it was really hard to be convinced otherwise to move to a different camera (especially one more expensive). What it came down to was how it felt. The Canon is a professional camera and feels that way. The Nikon was more of a semi-pro level and you could feel it. The ergonomics of the Canon just seem a bit better. The other bit that helped me decide is looking long-term. Transferring family systems isn’t easy or cheap. If you start with Nikon, you invest a lot into that family with the body and all the glass. If you go to switch to Canon later on, you can’t reuse your glass so you end up losing money on it all. Although I think Nikon has some amazing cameras, Canon is just a bit more impressive especially when it comes to their full-frame cameras. Lastly, due to the flooding in Thailand… the Nikon I was looking at wouldn’t be available in ANY location until late March. Booo.

My camera will arrive this Wednesday – YES 2 DAYS AWAY!!! I canNOT wait. I’ll let you know how it is after I get a chance to really play with it in my home setting and NOT in a store. Pretty sure Best Buy and Ritz are going to miss my frequent stops every night :)

Happy day :)

Until next time
<3 jenna


2 thoughts on “bought my camera!!… finally

  1. Cool. Glad you finally made your decision – hope you’re happy with it. Can’t wait to see it (and you). Love you and have fund with your new baby!

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