super bowl weekend recap

Ah, one of my favorite days of the year – Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a day full of sports, food, betting, one person rejoicing while the other is balling. It truly is a great day :)

This year was the first year that Jake and I could actually watch the game together in YEARS! Instead of going out, we decided to throw a party at our place. We got our groceries in the morning and proceeded to make lots of salsas and dips and goodies! Here’s my spread – not extravagant, but it did the trick…

{ my homemade cheesy bread }

{ my homemade salsa that is soooo good – thanks to Kim for the great recipe }

{ jake’s beautiful tray :) }

Aside from Super Bowl Sunday, I was able to meet some friends for brunch on Saturday. We went to Yolk in my hood, Streeterville. I seriously go there every weekend. The food is just so good! For the past 2 weekends, I have seen this group of guys that I considered to be a boy band. The first time I saw them, they were pretty far away. The only one i good a good look at, face-wise, had really long blonde hair swept over his face/eyes and was wearing tons of accessories and aviators. I swear, a total emo/model/boy band look. This past weekend, saw the same group sans boy band guy. After looking closer, realized some of them were Chicago Blackhawks players – Toews and Hjalmarsson…

They had their backs to me in weeks prior but this time I got a good look. Apparently tons of “celebs” go to Yolk like Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Hudson, BJ Armstrong, etc.

Anyways, that was my weekend :) It was fun but way too short!

What did you do for the super bowl?

Until next time
<3 jenna









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