off to philly

Ah, today is my last day of work for the week then I’ll be taking off for a mini vacation to Philadelphia! Jake has a conference for work there where they’re paying for his flight and hotel, so I decided to tag along for a free trip :) PLUS neither of us have been to Philly before! I’m kinda really excited to just get away and be somewhere new that isn’t LA. Looked at the weather and it’ll be in the high 50’s :) YAY!

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Jake and I have been looking for things to do, seeing he’s only going to be at the conference for a couple of hours each day. OF COURSE, the 4 days we’re there…. there are ZERO basketball games (all-star break) and ZERO hockey games (all out of town). We’ll of course explore the city a bit, but doesn’t anyone have any recos as to “must-dos” in Philly??

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4 thoughts on “off to philly

  1. Leo’s Steak Shop for a Philly Cheese Steak – amazing (it is not downtown, but it’s worth the trip). And the Liberty Bell was pretty cool to see (you don’t need much time there though). Lots of history there – it was cool to be where the Declaration of Independence was written (Thomas Jefferson’s house).

  2. There is a tour bus you can get on that will take you around to all the sights, historical, art museum etc… might be around $20, but you can get on and off at your leisure and its probably the best way for you to see things without having to drive around.
    Not certain about the Leo’s cheesteaks Justine is talking about, but if its the one in Sharon Hill, Pa it is a great cheese steak. If not, get to Tony Lukes Cheesesteaks, much better than Pats or Ginos. Rittenhouse Square are nice restaurants. Reading Terminal Market interesting, tons of food. All in all, enjoy your stay and welcome to Philly. Never mind the reputation, we are really nice people here, just passionate about our sports teams ;)

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