well hello there beautiful <3

In record timing, my camera arrived at my doorstep (well at my building step). I ordered it Sunday night and it was at my place mid-day Wednesday. I knew when it was arriving, so I came into work at 7:30am (I start at 9am) to ensure I could get off early at 4:00pm to pick up the packages from our package lady before she closed. Without fail, I was sucked into work and couldn’t leave until 5pm. Got home and my hubby had gotten it for me. Of course, I had tons of work to do last night so I ended up working for 3 hours straight before even touching the box.

Once I did open it, oh boy was it fun!!! I carefully took it out and did the typical Jenna and inspected every inch :). I was finally able to see the weight of the camera without crazy heavy lenses attached or the security bars attached. It fits in my hand like a glove, a beautiful glorious expensive glove. Oh how I love it!!

I did some basic set up, then cracked open my lens! Started taking the pictures and was utterly suprised at how amazing it is. Trust me, I shot this TONSSSSSSSSS before buying but there’s only so many things to shoot in the store. I took tons of pictures of Jake as he watched basketball. I planned to load them last night… however it required me downloading the software to my computer and I just didn’t have the desire to do that. It takes beautiful pictures. The bokeh is pretty :) Just holding it reinforces that I made the right choice!

I can’t wait to play more tonight! I am meeting some friends for drinks, but plan to pull an all-nighter … of fun :) I need to work on buying my camera bag because I don’t want to take this outside ANYWHERE without a bag.

I brought the manual book with me today to work. Yes, I read tons on my break trying to teach myself as much as possible about the functionality of the camera. I’m very familiar with it, but there are a few things that I’m not 100% sure how to use.

Now comes time to practice! I hope to go home soon to shoot my niece, nephews, etc. I’ve had quite a few friends offer up themselves and/or their family in an effort to build my portfolio – can’t wait!

I’m also in negotiations with the person that owns the domain I want. Here’s hoping I get it!! So excited.

Until next time
<3 jenna


honoring our military <3

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the men and women who have and are serving!!! “Freedom” doesn’t come free. Today I remember and honor my daddy (Army), Grandpa (Navy), Uncle Jim (Air Force), and all other distant relatives and friends who have put their lives on the line to protect this country… to protect everything we take for granted. Thank you!!

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The Bravest Man I Know
(*and woman)

The bravest man I know.

Is a man I’ve never met.

He’s a man who risks his life

To save a friend,

Not only to save a friend,

But to save a nation.

Risking his life

For those he does not know.

Stepping up

Leaving loved ones behind,

So that somewhere,

Someone else won’t have to.

He is a man who follows orders

Even though he knows he might die.


The bravest man I know.

Is the man who would rather die,

So one more person could go home

To see his family again.

The man who stares death in the face,

But never blinks.


The bravest man I know.

Is the man who risks his life

So one day the world may be a better place for his children.

Or any man who goes against his biggest fear.


Just to save someone he loves.


The bravest man I know.

Is the man who fights

So another man can have the taste of sweet freedom.

Not fighting only for his own benefit,

But for many others all over the world,

Fighting to make this world a better place.


That’s the bravest man I know.


Until next time
<3 jenna

a lesson for the guys

Fellas, listen up.

I always hear from guys how girls are so hard to figure out. Erroneous.

Girls just want to feel needed, wanted, and desired. Sure when you first start in your relationship things are new and exciting. But after you’re together for a long time and know just about everything about a person, it’s important to continue to show the girl you care (same applies for you girls reading too). Don’t assume. Once you begin to assume is when the romance will start to fade.

We don’t need expensive jewelery (though we’ll accept it gladly). We don’t need fancy dinners, or shopping sprees, or even flowers all the time. We just want to know that you still love us. Here’s an example of what my husband did for me this morning that meant the world.

{ found on bathroom counter when I woke up }

{ after i was already smiling, i found this one in the bathroom cabinet }

This, to me, is romantic. It cost $0 but meant so much <3

Guys – you can thank me later.

Until next time
<3 jenna