weekend recap

The past week has been so event filled! Almost every single night last weekend I was with friends and apart from my hubby – poooooor hubby.

Thursday night (i know not actually part of the weekend but what the hell), I went out with my friends Kathy and John to celebrate John quitting his job. We all used to work at the same place. John (who I had interned with out of college) was who we hired as my replacement when I left. It was a horrid, HORRID job full of people treating you like shit and making you feel like you’re not worthy of anything. Anyways, every time someone quits, we have a party to celebrate :) We met out at the Kerryman. I, of course, was pulled into work and showed up unfashionably late by 2 hours. I’m pretty sure we were loud as hell and annoyed probably every table. I blame it on Kathy’s loud startling laugh…. or maybe it was our disturbing topics of conversation… Stay tuned for pictures to come that will hopefully prove to be embarrassing to Kathy.

Friday night – Another late night at work so nothing special.

Saturday – Jake and I went to the Chicago Auto Show. It was so awesome. I, first of all, LOVE cars – especially old ones. PLUS it was the first chance I had at using my new camera. My favorite car of the day was probably the Range Rovers.. I LOVE Range Rovers.

ALSO the Mercedes Benz SLK – LOVE.

My favorite concept car was the surprising one. I figured that the high-end brands would have the coolest, but no. It was KIA that took the cake. Their car was SUPER awesome. I had no rear view mirrors. Instead, Jake and I think, they have two bars located on the hood which are cameras for viewing :) Super awesome.

We probably spent a solid 5 hours at the show. I had TONS of fun taking pictures. I sorta became a camera snob that day looking at everyone else’s cameras to see what they had. Jake made comments like, “Tssh did you see that guys tiny camera.” lol He’s the best :)

Sunday – I relaxed most of the day. At night, I had a date with Kathy. We went to Comedysportz to see a comedy show. It was pretty funny! I’m a bit obsessed with comedy clubs. I didn’t realize that Chicago is the center for all that is comedy. Probably explains why I’m so funny :)

{ apologies for the bad pictures from my iPhone}

Until next time
<3 jenna


dear photography friends

Who do you use for your website and blog? Specifically, who do you host through? I keep hearing mixed feedback on the different providers. I totally don’t want to pay $300/month for just the website.

Also, has anyone ever privately purchased a domain name from another person? If so, around how much did the cost come out to (if you don’t mind sharing) and how did you go about making the domain transfer? Just by unlocking domain through your registrar and dealing with the auth code?

That’s all :)

Until next time
<3 jenna




canon or nikon?

Yes this is one of the most debated topics in photography. Which is better – Canon or Nikon? I LOVE photography and am always reading up about it. Trust me, I’ve read a million blogs and reviews on this. There is no clear cut answer. These two brands are in a constant back and forth leap frogging to the front-runner. One year Canon might have the best camera out with the latest technology. The next year Nikon will come out with a competitive new product that tops the Canon. Canon will then come back… and so the leap frogging continues.

Some people are die-hard Canon fans. They believe that Canon has the best most versatile lenses, easiest to use, and is offered at a less expensive price.

Others are die-hard Nikon fans.

My question is for all you photographers. I really want to get more serious about photography. It’s been an incredible passion of mine for a long long time. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, but never thought it was a realistic dream. Today, I see so many people pursuing that avenue that I feel I at least owe it to myself to give it a shot! I’ve always had a creative soul <3

That being said, what’s the best brand to go with – Canon or Nikon? I understand that specific Canon bodies will triumph over NikonĀ  bodies and vice versa and I also understand that choosing a camera is about how it feels, but what is the best overall brand taking lenses into consideration? I have someone willing to sell me an amazing Nikon at a great price, however once you buy a body you essentially commit to that brand for lenses, etc.

I currently have a Canon S90 point-and-shoot that is considered the best point-and-shoot around for professionals to use when they don’t want to bring along the dslr. I brought it a few years back when it was a pretty penny for a fresh college grad. Now it’s time to upgrade and get a second camera :)

Let me know your honest thoughts!

Until next time
<3 jenna

thanks a latte

Starbucks. Thank YOU for making my morning warm and festive. Thank YOU for reminding me why I go to Starbucks and not the 7-11 across the street. Thank YOU for brightening my morning and making me feel great. Thank YOU for making chillier days not seem so chilly. More than anything, thank YOU for creating the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

{ grande skinny pumpkin spice latte – 330 calories, 70 calories of fat, 7g of fat }

Couldn’t resist this morning. I had to come into work early so I thought I deserved a little treat. PLUS it has put me in a great mood. A Starbucks drink, really? Yes, really! No idea how, but it did. Mmmm let me just tell you how yummy this is! If you haven’t had one yet, go try one! Even if you’re not a huge pumpkin fan, I bet this drink would surprise you.

They also have a sweet app that I just discovered that allows you to find the nearest Starbucks at the touch of your fingertip. For Chicagoans, it’s not hard to find one, BUT if you’re traveling and are in dire need of one… check it out!! You can download it for free here on Starbuck’s site. It also has some other cool functions :)

Enjoy :)

Until next time
<3 jenna