just a recap

So Valentine’s day was Tuesday. I’m not one of those girls that are obsessed with the holiday and are pissed if they don’t get Tiffany’s. I accept and agree that Valentine’s day is a made-up holiday by Hallmark. HOWEVER, I do also agree that it’s a nice day to have just to stop and realize how much you love someone in your life. I don’t need gifts, I just need an “i love you.” :) Jake woke me up with a surprise, then sent these to my work…

I thoroughly LOVE the smell of flowers at work. It makes work a much happier time :) I had a bit of a tough afternoon with hard client demands, BUT I managed to get home by 6pm. We exchanged gifts and all that fun jazz. His card was probably the sweetest card to be ever. He works with children that have extreme behavioral disorders. He made a large card, then had each kid draw a picture for me on it. Super sweet and super cute :) Later, we went out to dinner at Wildfire. Mmmmmm so delicious. We both had a delish filet mignon. Seriously, melted in my mouth. So good.

The day was perfect, but we ran into one small glitch at the end of the night. Jake put on his coat after dinner and realized our keys were missing. Indeed our car keys with keyless entry and our apartment keys were all on there and fell out in the cab. We were calling like crazy trying to track it down. LUCKILY yesterday afternoon I got a call that the cab driver turned them in! Leaving work early today to go pick them up in the faaaaaar south loop.

Last night, I went and got my hair did. I simply love my place and love my ladies. Yesterday just went for color. Didn’t feel like fronting $75 for just a cut. The color turned out perfect! Best part was the shampoo. Talk about the ultimate head massage, especially when they apply the conditioner :)

{ yes I took this while sitting in the shampoo chair waiting for my glaze to finish }

Totally looking forward to this weekend!!! Jake is going to be pretty busy with his dissertation, which leaves tons of time for me to use my camera! I need subjects to practice on… any takers??

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time
<3 jenna

weekend recap

The past week has been so event filled! Almost every single night last weekend I was with friends and apart from my hubby – poooooor hubby.

Thursday night (i know not actually part of the weekend but what the hell), I went out with my friends Kathy and John to celebrate John quitting his job. We all used to work at the same place. John (who I had interned with out of college) was who we hired as my replacement when I left. It was a horrid, HORRID job full of people treating you like shit and making you feel like you’re not worthy of anything. Anyways, every time someone quits, we have a party to celebrate :) We met out at the Kerryman. I, of course, was pulled into work and showed up unfashionably late by 2 hours. I’m pretty sure we were loud as hell and annoyed probably every table. I blame it on Kathy’s loud startling laugh…. or maybe it was our disturbing topics of conversation… Stay tuned for pictures to come that will hopefully prove to be embarrassing to Kathy.

Friday night – Another late night at work so nothing special.

Saturday – Jake and I went to the Chicago Auto Show. It was so awesome. I, first of all, LOVE cars – especially old ones. PLUS it was the first chance I had at using my new camera. My favorite car of the day was probably the Range Rovers.. I LOVE Range Rovers.

ALSO the Mercedes Benz SLK – LOVE.

My favorite concept car was the surprising one. I figured that the high-end brands would have the coolest, but no. It was KIA that took the cake. Their car was SUPER awesome. I had no rear view mirrors. Instead, Jake and I think, they have two bars located on the hood which are cameras for viewing :) Super awesome.

We probably spent a solid 5 hours at the show. I had TONS of fun taking pictures. I sorta became a camera snob that day looking at everyone else’s cameras to see what they had. Jake made comments like, “Tssh did you see that guys tiny camera.” lol He’s the best :)

Sunday – I relaxed most of the day. At night, I had a date with Kathy. We went to Comedysportz to see a comedy show. It was pretty funny! I’m a bit obsessed with comedy clubs. I didn’t realize that Chicago is the center for all that is comedy. Probably explains why I’m so funny :)

{ apologies for the bad pictures from my iPhone}

Until next time
<3 jenna

well hello there beautiful <3

In record timing, my camera arrived at my doorstep (well at my building step). I ordered it Sunday night and it was at my place mid-day Wednesday. I knew when it was arriving, so I came into work at 7:30am (I start at 9am) to ensure I could get off early at 4:00pm to pick up the packages from our package lady before she closed. Without fail, I was sucked into work and couldn’t leave until 5pm. Got home and my hubby had gotten it for me. Of course, I had tons of work to do last night so I ended up working for 3 hours straight before even touching the box.

Once I did open it, oh boy was it fun!!! I carefully took it out and did the typical Jenna and inspected every inch :). I was finally able to see the weight of the camera without crazy heavy lenses attached or the security bars attached. It fits in my hand like a glove, a beautiful glorious expensive glove. Oh how I love it!!

I did some basic set up, then cracked open my lens! Started taking the pictures and was utterly suprised at how amazing it is. Trust me, I shot this TONSSSSSSSSS before buying but there’s only so many things to shoot in the store. I took tons of pictures of Jake as he watched basketball. I planned to load them last night… however it required me downloading the software to my computer and I just didn’t have the desire to do that. It takes beautiful pictures. The bokeh is pretty :) Just holding it reinforces that I made the right choice!

I can’t wait to play more tonight! I am meeting some friends for drinks, but plan to pull an all-nighter … of fun :) I need to work on buying my camera bag because I don’t want to take this outside ANYWHERE without a bag.

I brought the manual book with me today to work. Yes, I read tons on my break trying to teach myself as much as possible about the functionality of the camera. I’m very familiar with it, but there are a few things that I’m not 100% sure how to use.

Now comes time to practice! I hope to go home soon to shoot my niece, nephews, etc. I’ve had quite a few friends offer up themselves and/or their family in an effort to build my portfolio – can’t wait!

I’m also in negotiations with the person that owns the domain I want. Here’s hoping I get it!! So excited.

Until next time
<3 jenna

monthly dinner club: sable kitchen + bar

The continuation of the ladies’ monthly dinner club…. Next up? Lisa.

Sable Kitchen + Bar

505 North State Street, Chicago, IL  60654
(312) 755-9704

Located in River North, Sable considers itself to be an American gastro-lounge. I believe the menu is intended to make this a tapas-like place.

When you first walk in on the State Street entrance, it appears to be a smaller space. Once you get inside, you see that it extends very far back. The bar and the restaurant are next to each other. The bar has a totally great vibe. As for the restaurant portion, it was cool but not as impressive as the bar. It was a bit more dimly lit. We sat in a booth where half the table were staring into a mirror. People were dressed casual to business casual – again likely to it being a work day.

{ looking to the front entrance and bar }

{ looking to the back end to what looks like a private room }

The service was great. Our server was very informative about how the restaurant operates (tapas), how the menu works, and the specials for that day. The rest of the group got there an hour before I did to drink. Unfortunatley I couldn’t pull away from work so I just met for dinner. Our server was very patient with me as I struggled to decide on dinner options. She was also very understanding when, after the bill came, we realized that Monica got 20% off thru her employer.

I started off with a nice glass of wine – Hullabaloo Zinfandel. They had a HUGE selection of mixed drinks, but it was far too confusing on which to pick and exactly how much each was. From the ladies that met before I got there, apparently drinks are $13 min.

For starters, we ordered soft pretzels with smoked cheddar cheese dip. Yum. Also ordered the Wisconsin fried cheese curds with a spicy ketchup glaze – HOLY YUM.

For my entree, I decided to go a bit different and dtried their sweet corn crème brûlée – YUM AGAIN. It was totally different, decently sweet, and totally delish. Everyone else thoroughly enjoyed their meals. They all ordered the roasted pumpkin gnocchi as one of their meals. Most seemed to love it.

For drink, I had a delicious glass of Riesling. It was a $15 bottle (or $8 glass), so probably not the highest quality but it did the trick! I plan to buy a bottle tonight!

Our whole dinner was quite filling so we unfortunately passed on dessert :(

This is a GREAT place with great atmosphere and terrific service. The food is unusual but very on par! A great place to meet up after work :) I imagine it more of an after work hangout than a nice date night with your beau. AND the best part is the location is great – right by the red line and close to lots of shopping :)

Until next time
<3 jenna