weekend recap

The past week has been so event filled! Almost every single night last weekend I was with friends and apart from my hubby – poooooor hubby.

Thursday night (i know not actually part of the weekend but what the hell), I went out with my friends Kathy and John to celebrate John quitting his job. We all used to work at the same place. John (who I had interned with out of college) was who we hired as my replacement when I left. It was a horrid, HORRID job full of people treating you like shit and making you feel like you’re not worthy of anything. Anyways, every time someone quits, we have a party to celebrate :) We met out at the Kerryman. I, of course, was pulled into work and showed up unfashionably late by 2 hours. I’m pretty sure we were loud as hell and annoyed probably every table. I blame it on Kathy’s loud startling laugh…. or maybe it was our disturbing topics of conversation… Stay tuned for pictures to come that will hopefully prove to be embarrassing to Kathy.

Friday night – Another late night at work so nothing special.

Saturday – Jake and I went to the Chicago Auto Show. It was so awesome. I, first of all, LOVE cars – especially old ones. PLUS it was the first chance I had at using my new camera. My favorite car of the day was probably the Range Rovers.. I LOVE Range Rovers.

ALSO the Mercedes Benz SLK – LOVE.

My favorite concept car was the surprising one. I figured that the high-end brands would have the coolest, but no. It was KIA that took the cake. Their car was SUPER awesome. I had no rear view mirrors. Instead, Jake and I think, they have two bars located on the hood which are cameras for viewing :) Super awesome.

We probably spent a solid 5 hours at the show. I had TONS of fun taking pictures. I sorta became a camera snob that day looking at everyone else’s cameras to see what they had. Jake made comments like, “Tssh did you see that guys tiny camera.” lol He’s the best :)

Sunday – I relaxed most of the day. At night, I had a date with Kathy. We went to Comedysportz to see a comedy show. It was pretty funny! I’m a bit obsessed with comedy clubs. I didn’t realize that Chicago is the center for all that is comedy. Probably explains why I’m so funny :)

{ apologies for the bad pictures from my iPhone}

Until next time
<3 jenna


is it too late for a weekend recap?

So I’ve become sucked into this tornado that won’t let me out called work. Finally have a second to breathe. Is it too late for a weekend recap? Ehhh, never :)

Friday – Jake had a day trip to central IL for work and got home pretty late. I decided to do what I do best when wasting time and went SHOPPING :) Stopped by Best Buy to look at the camera I’m going to buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – AAAHH SOO EXCITED. I played with it like a ridiculous child and was getting far too giddy, so I left. Stopped by H&M to shop and laugh at the 20 people who were lined up outside for the new Versace line coming out the next day. Would you wait in line for this?

{ via }

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Seriously, it’s disgustingly ugly. DISCLAIMER: I mean no offense if this is your style. It’s just not mine. Afterward, I stopped by a few more places to shop. Finally became hungry and tired of looking and headed home. Once Jake got home, we spent the night relaxing after a long day for the both of us.

Saturday was fun! In the AM, I had brunch with KO, who is a good friend and essentially my wacky other half. We ate at Orange in River North right at Grand and Milwaukee. It was super yummy. I had the cinnamon bun pancakes – couldn’t resist :) I miss hanging out with Kathy. We spent most of the meal contemplating what animals couldn’t clap. Our list was short – started with T-Rex. Let me know if you can think of more, other than fish.

Once brunch was done, Jake picked me up and we headed to the Shedd for the day. It was sooooo much fun. I love going to look at the animals and fishies and sharkies! They have a new exhibit for gellies. Pretty cool!! We spent about 3-4 hours there, then jumped back in the car and drove .75 miles home.

Once we got back, we stopped by our place then walked to Michigan Ave. for the Chicago Light Parade! There were TONS of people lining the streets of the Mag Mile. The parade was awesome filled with cool floats and singers. I personally liked when the lights went on all the trees :)

After the parade was over, we went out for dinner then headed home with me of course singing Christmas songs to Jake the whole way. It was such a great day. I’m feeling so festive now :)

Sunday we headed to Timothy O’Toole’s per the usual to watch the Vikings game at noon. The bar was PACKED with Bears fans and Chargers fans that were going to the game. We made tons of new friends all from out of state. One of the guys (Bears fan from NY) said that just being at the bar surrounded by Bears fans was his dream. He also said that going to a Bears game in Chicago was his lifelong dream. Taught me not to think lightly of what I do each day :) You never know, you may be living someone else’s dream :) After Jake’s game, we headed home to watch my game. Very proud with how my boys played, but totally bummed about Cutler :( Here’s to hoping Hanie does well for us!

Sunday was also Jake and I’s dating anniversary. I didn’t realize it until late that night. I turned to Jake to wish him happy anniversary and ask what he got me, and he laughed. I realized that apparently once you’re married you no longer celebrate this anniversary.

All day today and yesterday have been nuts. Clients are coming to me like crazy with ridiculous number of projects to be completed in short timelines. Holy cow I’m busy. NOW I can kinda breath and prepare for Thanksgiving. Well not really. Here’s my to-do tonight:

  • Grocery shop for all ingredients for dishes and desserts I’ll be making
  • Determine budgets for each person for Christmas presents
  • Figure out what to get everyone so I can go in prepared on Black Friday
  • Pack for a 5+ day leave
  • Prepare list of what personal things I want to buy for all my DIY projects for the holiday season (more to come)
  • Clean the house

Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Until next time
<3 jenna