weekend recap

The past week has been so event filled! Almost every single night last weekend I was with friends and apart from my hubby – poooooor hubby.

Thursday night (i know not actually part of the weekend but what the hell), I went out with my friends Kathy and John to celebrate John quitting his job. We all used to work at the same place. John (who I had interned with out of college) was who we hired as my replacement when I left. It was a horrid, HORRID job full of people treating you like shit and making you feel like you’re not worthy of anything. Anyways, every time someone quits, we have a party to celebrate :) We met out at the Kerryman. I, of course, was pulled into work and showed up unfashionably late by 2 hours. I’m pretty sure we were loud as hell and annoyed probably every table. I blame it on Kathy’s loud startling laugh…. or maybe it was our disturbing topics of conversation… Stay tuned for pictures to come that will hopefully prove to be embarrassing to Kathy.

Friday night – Another late night at work so nothing special.

Saturday – Jake and I went to the Chicago Auto Show. It was so awesome. I, first of all, LOVE cars – especially old ones. PLUS it was the first chance I had at using my new camera. My favorite car of the day was probably the Range Rovers.. I LOVE Range Rovers.

ALSO the Mercedes Benz SLK – LOVE.

My favorite concept car was the surprising one. I figured that the high-end brands would have the coolest, but no. It was KIA that took the cake. Their car was SUPER awesome. I had no rear view mirrors. Instead, Jake and I think, they have two bars located on the hood which are cameras for viewing :) Super awesome.

We probably spent a solid 5 hours at the show. I had TONS of fun taking pictures. I sorta became a camera snob that day looking at everyone else’s cameras to see what they had. Jake made comments like, “Tssh did you see that guys tiny camera.” lol He’s the best :)

Sunday – I relaxed most of the day. At night, I had a date with Kathy. We went to Comedysportz to see a comedy show. It was pretty funny! I’m a bit obsessed with comedy clubs. I didn’t realize that Chicago is the center for all that is comedy. Probably explains why I’m so funny :)

{ apologies for the bad pictures from my iPhone}

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<3 jenna


float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.”

Happy birthday to the great Muhammad Ali!!
56 Wins, 5 Losses, 0 Draw
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birthday weekend recap

Yes, my life has been THAT crazy that I am just now able to post about LAST weekend – YIKES!

Last Friday (9/9): Jake planned to take me to the Art Institute of Chicago, but found out that they close on Friday at 4:30pm. With the weather being overcast and somewhat rainy, he went to plan B. We went to Lucky Strike to bowl. We ended up joining another bday party where they gave us free drinks and food – love drunk people on Friday nights :) Jake bowled decent. As for myself, I’ll leave my score to your imagination ;)

After a fun round, we decided to head to a movie at AMC (literally in the same building which is perfect). We saw Captain America in 3D. Totally awesome movie, even if you’re not into the superhero comic book type :)

Saturday (9/10): Spent the day watching college football. Our Illini won (GO ILLINI!) and really looked great on the field. After the good games were finished, we worked on hanging some of the artwork we purchased in our place. Looks great (pictures to come later)! Saturday night, Jake surprised me with an amazing steak dinner at David Burke Primehouse.

{ <3 }

I had the most amazing filet mignon – mmmm! Then they surprised me with dessert. Only problem? See image below…

{ happy birthday…. jake? }

Yep, clearly Jake is birthday greedy and wanted it to be HIS bday :) Totally recommend going to David Burke. It’s located in the James Hotel.

Sunday (9/11): Took time to reflect and remember those that were taken from us 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe 10 years ago last Sunday the towers fell, the Pentagon was struck, and the flight crashed into the empty field. Listening to the memorial service hits home at just how many people passed. Brought tears to my eyes as I watched!

{ always remembered, forever united, never forgotten }

Jake and I packed up pretty early and headed to Naperville for a party to celebrate the first NFL Sunday of the season!! YAY for the NFL!! We had tons of yummy food. I made these…

So delish. Pretty excited that my Bears won. We looked awesome. Here’s to hoping that we look like that every game :) Unfortunately, Jake’s team (Minnesota Vikings) didn’t do as well. Always a tough day when one of us loses and the other wins!

At half-time of the game, Jake’s family surprised me with bday gifts. His bro and Katie got me this beautiful crystal looking frame and some cute accessories for around our place. His parents got me this…

{ kitchenaid stand mixer }

I canNOT wait to use it!!! It’s going to make baking and cooking a breeze :) Now on the search for recipes… After the game was over, they sang happy birthday and fed me a delish homemade ice cream cake.

Monday (9/12): My day of birth. Started great but turned to an absolutely horrible day. I went to the DMV and Social Security office to renew my license and change my name and address. Granted my license expired on my bday, but I had to renew it in order to fly for work. So technically I started work at 8:00am that day. I get to work about 11:00am. I was busy as hell the entire day. Everyone at my agency wished me a happy birthday. At the end of the day, some of my closest even surprised me with a bday song and cupcakes! Other than that, my day was filled with craziness – meetings galore, constant demands, short timeframes, etc. I finally left the office at 9:30pm. Jake welcomed me home as I was shedding tears to a big hug (nothing is better than a hug from him). He proceeded to give me my bday present…

Seeing him brightened my day a bit. The foil made me smile :) I saw a card from my mom and opened that. I shed a few tears reading it. I miss her so much. Her and my sister (and Jake) are my best friends. I’d be lost without them. After a 10 minute break, I was forced back online to do more work. I ended up working until 1:30am on my very own day of birth :( Pretty upsetting day, but at least I had sweet friends, family, and coworkers that brought my day up a bit.

On the bright side, though my actual birthday wasn’t ideal, I did had an amazing birthday weekend!! My bad birthday just reminds me that I have the most amazing friends and family <3 Love you all!

Until next time
<3 jenna