monthly dinner club: sable kitchen + bar

The continuation of the ladies’ monthly dinner club…. Next up? Lisa.

Sable Kitchen + Bar

505 North State Street, Chicago, IL  60654
(312) 755-9704

Located in River North, Sable considers itself to be an American gastro-lounge. I believe the menu is intended to make this a tapas-like place.

When you first walk in on the State Street entrance, it appears to be a smaller space. Once you get inside, you see that it extends very far back. The bar and the restaurant are next to each other. The bar has a totally great vibe. As for the restaurant portion, it was cool but not as impressive as the bar. It was a bit more dimly lit. We sat in a booth where half the table were staring into a mirror. People were dressed casual to business casual – again likely to it being a work day.

{ looking to the front entrance and bar }

{ looking to the back end to what looks like a private room }

The service was great. Our server was very informative about how the restaurant operates (tapas), how the menu works, and the specials for that day. The rest of the group got there an hour before I did to drink. Unfortunatley I couldn’t pull away from work so I just met for dinner. Our server was very patient with me as I struggled to decide on dinner options. She was also very understanding when, after the bill came, we realized that Monica got 20% off thru her employer.

I started off with a nice glass of wine – Hullabaloo Zinfandel. They had a HUGE selection of mixed drinks, but it was far too confusing on which to pick and exactly how much each was. From the ladies that met before I got there, apparently drinks are $13 min.

For starters, we ordered soft pretzels with smoked cheddar cheese dip. Yum. Also ordered the Wisconsin fried cheese curds with a spicy ketchup glaze – HOLY YUM.

For my entree, I decided to go a bit different and dtried their sweet corn crème brûlée – YUM AGAIN. It was totally different, decently sweet, and totally delish. Everyone else thoroughly enjoyed their meals. They all ordered the roasted pumpkin gnocchi as one of their meals. Most seemed to love it.

For drink, I had a delicious glass of Riesling. It was a $15 bottle (or $8 glass), so probably not the highest quality but it did the trick! I plan to buy a bottle tonight!

Our whole dinner was quite filling so we unfortunately passed on dessert :(

This is a GREAT place with great atmosphere and terrific service. The food is unusual but very on par! A great place to meet up after work :) I imagine it more of an after work hangout than a nice date night with your beau. AND the best part is the location is great – right by the red line and close to lots of shopping :)

Until next time
<3 jenna


super bowl weekend recap

Ah, one of my favorite days of the year – Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a day full of sports, food, betting, one person rejoicing while the other is balling. It truly is a great day :)

This year was the first year that Jake and I could actually watch the game together in YEARS! Instead of going out, we decided to throw a party at our place. We got our groceries in the morning and proceeded to make lots of salsas and dips and goodies! Here’s my spread – not extravagant, but it did the trick…

{ my homemade cheesy bread }

{ my homemade salsa that is soooo good – thanks to Kim for the great recipe }

{ jake’s beautiful tray :) }

Aside from Super Bowl Sunday, I was able to meet some friends for brunch on Saturday. We went to Yolk in my hood, Streeterville. I seriously go there every weekend. The food is just so good! For the past 2 weekends, I have seen this group of guys that I considered to be a boy band. The first time I saw them, they were pretty far away. The only one i good a good look at, face-wise, had really long blonde hair swept over his face/eyes and was wearing tons of accessories and aviators. I swear, a total emo/model/boy band look. This past weekend, saw the same group sans boy band guy. After looking closer, realized some of them were Chicago Blackhawks players – Toews and Hjalmarsson…

They had their backs to me in weeks prior but this time I got a good look. Apparently tons of “celebs” go to Yolk like Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Hudson, BJ Armstrong, etc.

Anyways, that was my weekend :) It was fun but way too short!

What did you do for the super bowl?

Until next time
<3 jenna








Happy 2012!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. December was a busy busy month. So many holiday parties and work and vacation and traveling and exploring the city at Christmas time and celebrations. Finally, things are turning to normal. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and a great start to 2012! Here’s to a year full of happiness <3

{ NYE dinner with friends at Sushisamba }

{ upstairs in the bar dancing to Brazilian beats }


Until next time
<3 jenna

sweet home chicago!!

After 2 weeks in Santa Monica, I’m finally back to my city – ChiCity! Although Santa Monica is a beautiful place with the ocean and the hills and cliffs…

{ santa monica looking out to malibu }

Nothing beats coming home to this…

{ home <3 }

Downtown LA is incredibly dirty, small, and disgusting. It literally smells like homeless piss every single step you take. Seriously gross. Chicago, regardless of the bitterly cold and snowy winters is the most beautiful city!

As some of you know, I was in the LA area for a photoshoot for Harley. The photoshoot went great, but it was a long long 2 weeks. It’s so funny how when someone hears that I was going or went on a shoot, they always say how cool it is and exciting it is that I get to travel. Most popular question is, “Did you go sight-seeing? Did you go shopping? Did you have your weekends off?” I laugh. Going on a photoshoot isn’t a vacation, unfortunately. You don’t get to sight-see, unless you count looking out the window as you drive to the next location. You work grueling hours, and you barely sleep. You work through weekends, never have them off. Yes, it’s awesome to work on a shoot and travel… but working those kinda hours are tough. I can’t see my husband, family, or friends. In addition with the 2 hour timezone difference, it was incredibly hard to even call anyone.

I met some AMAZING people while on the shoot. The cast was great. The crew was fab. Our make-up artist was the sweetest. The production assistants? Pure hilarious and a total pleasure to work with. The highlight of my trip, though, was being able to shadow 2 of the most amazing photographers. They’ve done work on a slew of clients, including another client of mine – Converse.  The two alone are amazing and hilarious people, but man their work is beautiful. As a few of you may now, I’m working on seriously moving forward with photography. Following these photographers gave me so much insight and inspiration. I can’t wait :)

From the whole shoot process, including the actual shoot and casting, I had an eye-opening experience and learned a GREAT deal about beauty. More to come later :)

Until next time
<3 jenna