monthly dinner club: the bedford

One of my good friends, Kathy, started up a dinner club with a few other ladies. Due to my charm, good looks, and great sense of humor, she obvi invited me to join. As mentioned, this is a monthly dinner club and is for ladies only. Each month, there is someone in charge of picking the restaurant. The only rule is that the restaurant you pick has to be somewhere you have not gone before. My plan is to provide a review of each place we go, which will A) let you know my thoughts on the place, & B) make you aware of new places to hit up in Chicago :)

With Kathy being up first, she chose the Bedford.

The Bedford
1612 West Division St.  Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 235-8800

Located in Wicker Park, the Bedford is a bank turned rustic chic restaurant. Sounds crazy, right?

When you walk in, you don’t immediately see it. BUT once you sit down, you start to see remnants of an old bank everywhere. Most notably is the vault.

{ both via }

We sat at a booth. Behind us were the old safety deposit boxes. I wonder if anything is left in them?

As you can see the environment is amazing. There’s even an area set up for a live band to perform!

The service was great. I don’t recall the name of our server, but she was sweet and didn’t bug us. Her hair was adorable! Not that that matters, but she gave us recommendations of salons to go to. Big deal for girls :) The rest of the staff was great as well. My water was refilled the instant it was half full.

As for the food, it was okay. I had the chicken. It was served with cornbread stuffing, glazed root vegetables, maple and cider chicken jus. At $24 for the plate, I thought it was going to be a large meal. Instead it was a small sized meal that wasn’t filling nor worth the $24. Everyone else, however, seemed to really enjoy their meal. For the table, we got a fancy mac & cheese. It was very good. For alcohol, I had a glass of Villa del Borgo pinot grigio (Italy 2009). Not my favorite, but it did the trick.

A great environment for happy hour or a special date with average food. I’d give it a shot :)

Until next time
<3 jenna


fave thanksgiving dish

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is just a short TWO WEEKS from tomorrow. Holy cow! My family and I have begun talking about our meal – what are we cooking, who is cooking what, etc. I’ve come across a million delish recipes over the past few months and can’t wait to make a few! For my side dishes, I’m going to make scalloped corn.

Dessert is where I’m dying to try new recipes :) Check out this one!

{ pumpkin cream cheese truffles }

Or this…

{ pumpkin cheesecake bites }

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Looking for recommendations for appetizers and main dishes!

Until next time
<3 jenna