sweet home chicago!!

After 2 weeks in Santa Monica, I’m finally back to my city – ChiCity! Although Santa Monica is a beautiful place with the ocean and the hills and cliffs…

{ santa monica looking out to malibu }

Nothing beats coming home to this…

{ home <3 }

Downtown LA is incredibly dirty, small, and disgusting. It literally smells like homeless piss every single step you take. Seriously gross. Chicago, regardless of the bitterly cold and snowy winters is the most beautiful city!

As some of you know, I was in the LA area for a photoshoot for Harley. The photoshoot went great, but it was a long long 2 weeks. It’s so funny how when someone hears that I was going or went on a shoot, they always say how cool it is and exciting it is that I get to travel. Most popular question is, “Did you go sight-seeing? Did you go shopping? Did you have your weekends off?” I laugh. Going on a photoshoot isn’t a vacation, unfortunately. You don’t get to sight-see, unless you count looking out the window as you drive to the next location. You work grueling hours, and you barely sleep. You work through weekends, never have them off. Yes, it’s awesome to work on a shoot and travel… but working those kinda hours are tough. I can’t see my husband, family, or friends. In addition with the 2 hour timezone difference, it was incredibly hard to even call anyone.

I met some AMAZING people while on the shoot. The cast was great. The crew was fab. Our make-up artist was the sweetest. The production assistants? Pure hilarious and a total pleasure to work with. The highlight of my trip, though, was being able to shadow 2 of the most amazing photographers. They’ve done work on a slew of clients, including another client of mine – Converse.  The two alone are amazing and hilarious people, but man their work is beautiful. As a few of you may now, I’m working on seriously moving forward with photography. Following these photographers gave me so much insight and inspiration. I can’t wait :)

From the whole shoot process, including the actual shoot and casting, I had an eye-opening experience and learned a GREAT deal about beauty. More to come later :)

Until next time
<3 jenna

Santa Monica, here I come…

Off to Santa Monica for 2 weeks for work. All the late nights, stressful days, and numerous trips to CA are hopefully about to pay off. Time for the Harley photo shoot. Here’s to being on set from 5am to 11pm every day. Yikes! Should be awesome, though!

{ taken 3 weeks ago when I was last there <3 staying on the beach }

Until next time
<3 jenna

good bye chicago, hello santa monica

Landed in Santa Monica yesterday. Our photo shoot for Harley is coming up next month, so I’m here for a few days doing final fittings with all the models to make sure they’re all looking so fab. I did fail to realize, though, that last night was the Emmy Awards. If work wouldn’t have gotten in the way, I totes would have gone for fun :) Did anyone watch??

Totes having one of those trips where you have to really keep your head up. Tons of naked models are all around me that look great with gorgeous bodies and lucky lives, reminding me of the things about myself I don’t like. Must. Stay. Positive.

Maybe one day I’ll be on the other side of the camera…

Until next time
<3 jenna