good bye chicago, hello santa monica

Landed in Santa Monica yesterday. Our photo shoot for Harley is coming up next month, so I’m here for a few days doing final fittings with all the models to make sure they’re all looking so fab. I did fail to realize, though, that last night was the Emmy Awards. If work wouldn’t have gotten in the way, I totes would have gone for fun :) Did anyone watch??

Totes having one of those trips where you have to really keep your head up. Tons of naked models are all around me that look great with gorgeous bodies and lucky lives, reminding me of the things about myself I don’t like. Must. Stay. Positive.

Maybe one day I’ll be on the other side of the camera…

Until next time
<3 jenna


harley chic

Tuesday I had to head up early to Milwaukee to meet with my client, Harley-Davidson, at their HQ. We have a photo shoot next month and needed to work with our stylist from LA to determine outfits :) Work put me up in the Iron Horse Hotel. OMG… it’s AMAZING!!!!! If you’re ever in Milwaukee, STAY HERE! Check out the pics I snapped….

{ lobby }

{ harley in lobby }

{ flag made out of jeans }

{ wish i had this carpet – love zebra <3 }

{ this is only 1/2 the room }

{ shower that has waterfall shower head and sees through to bed }

Seriously… amazing! It’s what I call a Harley chic hotel :)

Until next time
<3 jenna