labor day weekend recap

Finally, a 3.5 day weekend that actually felt like a 3.5 day weekend!! I have to say, not working on a Monday is one of the greatest things ever. Starting your week on a Tuesday is just a great feeling :)

What did everyone do over their holiday weekend? Anyone take my advice on going out on a boat? The water seemed a little choppy, so if you did go out let me know how it was!!

As for me? I had a really mellow weekend.

Friday. I got off work early then went to get my hair did. Planned to go to the Chicago Jazz Fest, however it was unGodly disgusting outside and humid beyond belief. Decided to stay indoors for the night.

Saturday. A HUGE day – college football season begins!!! Of course, Jake and I being huge football fans and U of I alum, we spent all day long watching non-stop football! Back in college, I was an Illini football recruiter, so it’s extra exciting to watch some of the recruits I helped bring in play!

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The Illini took on Arkansas State for our home opener. Though we started out looking a bit rough and sloppy, we pulled ourselves together for the second half. Illini came away victorious with a final score of 33-15. Next week, we take on South Dakota State (had no idea they have a football team)!

Sunday. Ran some errands in the morning. Currently trying to finish all the decor in our place :) Finally think I have just about everything I need (pictures to come soon!). Came home and made some delish choco chip cookies – YUM!

In the afternoon, Jake and I met up with his parents and his aunt and uncle (who came in from Minneapolis). We showed them our new place, then hit up Navy Pier for dinner and drinks.

After margaritas and dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, we took a stroll down the pier and landed at the Land Shark beer garden. Live bands play just about every night. On Thursday’s, there’s karaoke :) Definitely a fun time!

Monday. Labor Day. Went running (first time in a long time) first thing in the morning. Man that felt great! I haven’t really run much since I ran a half-marathon back in late April / early May. I really want to get back running so I can sign up for another half :)

We had plans to go with friends to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but that fell through due to the crazy weather and wind. Instead, we tried to figure out how to decorate/finish our place and relaxed!

Overall, a great weekend! Looking forward to this week and having a friendly visitor :)

Until next time
<3 jenna


labor day fun

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely excited for Labor Day!! If you’re like me and trying to decide what to do with your day off, I recommend sailing aboard the Tall Ship Windy!

My agency sailed with them for our summer outing. Being from Chicago, you can easily forget how beautiful of a place we live. Being out on the lake will definitely surprise you. Best part of the trip? The crew talks like pirates.. AAARRRG!

Check out the pictures below! It has multiple trips a day, and departs from Navy Pier. I’d recommend going this Saturday night so you can see the fireworks off the pier after returning from your trip. Fireworks are at 10:15pm!

{ Tall Ship, Windy }

{ me & some colleagues enjoying the voyage }

{ pretty city }

{ love }

{ the pirate boat will shoot fake canons at other sail boats like this one }

{ gorgeous view of Navy Pier }

Until next time
<3 jenna